Nov 8, 2009

Windstar meets Arvoss

A little bit I wrote about my druid meeting my sister's DK. Enjoy!

The young druid Windstar walked aimlessly towards the front gates of Stormwind City. She was feeling a bit lonely and confused, and hadn't found many among the humans in the city that were willing to help her out. Her mentor in Darnassus had told her to 'go out and see the world', but it wasn't easy when her Common was just good enough to hold a decent conversation, and she didn't know any good areas to pick up some kind of work. A sudden commotion brought her out of her thoughts, and she looked ahead to the gates. It looked like another Death Knight was on his way to get his official pardon from the King. 'Their' pardons, she corrected herself; she hadn't seen the Gnome at first, half-hidden in the tall human's shadow. She stood aside, watching absently at first. Then she began noticing something about the human; he wasn't responding like all the other Death Knights she had seen. They had all responded to the guards' resentment with either anger or disdain, but this man simply walked stoicly through the spits, curses, and flung vegatables, his head held high, like they weren't even there. Star was intrigued.

Shifting to her bear form, Star began tagging along, a safe distance behind. The more she saw of this human, the more her respect for him grew. He never even looked at the people that were cursing him, never moved from his path to avoid anyone. On the bridge between the Trade District and Old Town, though, he paused. Star stopped too, and nervously stepped behind a wall. After looking in her direction for a minute, he turned and continued. "Arvoss? What is it?" the gnome asked. "Nothin'. Though' Ah saw somethin'," the human replied, in a thick northern accent. Star let them get a little farther ahead before continuing to follow. Around a corner, almost at the Keep, the Death Knights stopped again. Star hopped behind a handy tree, but it didn't hide her very well, and she was afraid she had been too slow anyway. Sure enough, the human, Arvoss, looked right at her. When the gnome questioned him again, he replied,"Theah's a druid followin' us." Star began backing away, keeping behind the tree, but the Knights just looked at her for a moment, then the gnome tugged on the human's belt, being unable to reach higher. They both continued again, and Star still followed, unable to help herself. At the entrance of the Keep, however, she paused. After watching them walk up the long hallway, she turned to the side, and sat down to wait.

It didn't take long before King Wrynn's voice bellowed through the city, and not long after that the two Death Knights came back out. Star came out of the corner she had been sitting in, and stood waiting to be noticed. Almost immediately, the human looked right at her, and nudged his companion. "'S th' druid tha' was followin' us," he said softly. The gnome followed his gaze and nodded. Star nervously approached them, then shifted out of bear form, offering a small bow as greeting. "Hello," she said. They nodded back, silent, but she saw a friendly glint in both sets of blue-glowing eyes. Taking some courage from that, she continued, "I saw you walking through the city. Those guards... that wasn't right." The gnome shrugged it off, but the human just stood watching her. Finally he answered, "They jus' doan' ken any better, eh? 'S not really theah faul'." Windstar shrugged slightly, not entirely convinced, but let it go. "My name is Windstar," she told them. "Arvoss," the human replied. "I'm Frazle, do you know any good engineering shops in the city?" the gnome asked. Star couldn't resist a chuckle. "I'm afraid I don't have much interest in engineering, but there's a few gnomes in the Dwarven District that you can talk to," she told him. He gave her a bright grin and headed in the direction she indicated, practically rubbing his hands together in glee. "Ah'm more int'rested in a good tavern, m'self," Arvoss said. Star looked at him, and said, "That I might be able to help with. There's one called the Pig and Whistle not far from here, in Old Town." "Well then, lead oan, lass," he replied with a bow.

(Hope I got Arvoss' accent right, if not I'll have to edit it later :P)

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  1. Got it good enough. :)

    He usually just says "there" but I kinda like it your way. And, eh, his accent changed a bit back then anyways.