Nov 12, 2009

Lions and panthers and bears...

Oh my?
In the mood to show off my druids now. I have 4 of them, 2 alliance and 2 horde. One is lvl 80, one is 17, and the other 2 are 70-something. ALL are feral, tho 2 have dual-specs. So now, starting at the top and going down, I think, here's some pics and bits of background info:

Jahira is on the Gilneas server. She's my first 80 druid, second 80 toon iirc, though my troll hunter Rajji might've beaten her. I have bounced her between feral and balance specs a few times, and now those are her dual specs. Although, I have to admit, I'm having trouble figuring out boomkin dps. She's been feral for a while now, doing heroics and stuff, because her feral dps is much better than balance. Her gear sets are roughly equal, in fact her balance set might be better, but she consistently does 300-400 more dps as a kitty, and I'm not sure why. Honestly, I've been having so much fun on Windstar, I may just switch her off-spec to resto. The guild usually needs healers more than dps, and also it would let some of our regular healers have a bit of a break. Her boomkin gear would be ok for healing with a couple gem/enchant changes, and she has a couple older pieces in the bank (because I am a packrat) that don't have +hit on them, but is otherwise good gear. Plus that would be one way to get her into raids. Kel has always been my raiding main, but giving her a break would be nice, esp. since I'm very happy with her current gear. Jahira has been in Naxx a few times, but hasn't been to Ulduar yet, which makes me sad, so this may be her ticket.

Little bit of RP stuffs: Jahira is the 3rd sibling in the family me and my sister have on Gilneas. Kel and Alanon are older, Pitchblack and Quae are younger. Alanon and Jahira actually raised Pitch mostly, when their mother was sick for a long spell and their father was helping in the Emerald Dream. She is a bit of a loner, like Kel, but it's more that she enjoys peace and quiet, whereas Kel is just outright anti-social most of the time. She's between 3,000-4,ooo years old (haven't worked out exactly yet).

Next is my other Alliance druid, who I've been posting about quite a bit lately, Windstar.

Star is currently level 74, and is on the Feathermoon server. She and my hunter Tadrith are twins, and are the elven equilalent of being in their early 20s. They're fraternal, but there's enough resemblance that people can tell they're related. Funny thing, I meant to get Tad up to 80 before leveling her, but I got really attached to my little kitty, plus some RP stuff occured to me, so Star gets to be my first 80 on Feathermoon. (And collect badges so my Malorne-following hunter can have a spiffy bow all through gun-happy Northrend. Seriously Blizz, what is with all the danged guns?!) She is a Druid of the Antler, which means she reveres Malorne (and to a slightly lesser extent, Cenarius). This has caused a bit of internal conflict at times, because her order(?) hates engineering, believing it to be the worst cause of the destruction of nature, but Star has a couple friends that are engineers. For now she tries to just ignore the engineering bit, esp. for Frazle, since he mostly just makes little gadgets, and not the big machinery that would be a problem. She does like peace and quiet, but she is happier around friends. She has also developed a 'kitty-radar', for people that are unhappy about something, who she will then go try to offer comfort. In fact, she and Shaurria are refered to, OOCly, as therapy cats. :D She is typically a friendly, peaceful person, but she can and will get protective over people she cares about.

Star is also dual-spec'ed feral dps/resto, and I think playing part-time healer is really good for her IC. Keeping Arvoss alive through dungeons and group quests kind of strengthens their friendship, I think.

Next is my first cow druid, Bearkat. He is currently level 72 and is in the process of being transfered from Durotan to Feathermoon.

I. Love. New. Catforms.

The only problem I have with the new tauren kitty is the eyes. My little gentle, even-tempered Bear looks very angry. :( Other than that, I think the new cat forms, both elf and tauren, are totally awesome. Bear forms are nice too, though they look a little too cute to be taken very seriously. :)
Bearkat is kinda my little baby. I created him a looong time ago, but he has always been slow leveling. Not because I don't like playing him, just that I keep getting distracted away from questing with him. He was still 68 when Wrath came out, and he didn't even get to Northrend til after Rajji and Taarren. Hopefully, when the transfer is done, I will be able to actually play and level him, once he is on a server I like with no alts to distract me. Well, no high-level alts.
ICly, he is a good friend to my sister's 2 Belf hunters, Kaled and Khaotic. He is generally friendly and calm, but he doesn't tolerate rude or cruel behavior. He prefers the open, wild areas to cities, and he doesn't like Forsaken much, but he will work with them. Not sure exactly what his age would be, but he's somewhere between 'young' and 'middle-age'.

And last on the list, but definately not least, is my little baby tauren, Skypaw, on Wyrmrest Accord. He is only level 17, so no kitty form yet, but bear form is plenty of fun for now. He's kind of stuck for now, because I've been having so much fun on Feathermoon, and I'm waiting for my sis to get her tauren DK on WA done with the starting zone so they can RP/run dungeons together.

He has an interesting history, which I have only figured out a small part of. He is very young, and is an orphan. He spends more time with orcs than other tauren, for now, but he is learning the orcs code of honor, which I think is a good thing. Losing his family, however, has affected him greatly. He is shy and nervous, almost never leaves bear form (or cat form, once he learns it), and doesn't talk much, unless spoken to first. I haven't thought up much more than that, but when I do start focusing on him, I think he will be lots of fun.

And that's all for now. Next expansion, I may be making more droods, just for the sake of seeing what the worgen/troll forms look like. Not sure yet how seriously I will play them though.
And now to go see if Bear's transfer is finished yet..... /wave

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