Nov 22, 2009

Random Updates

First of all, work is still crazy.
Second, I'm still sleep deprived.
Third, time is going by too fast, can hardly believe it's almost Thanksgiving :(

In-game stuffs now:

Bearkat is now on Feathermoon, and finished his ravasaur quests. I'm probably not going to be playing him much until Windstar is 80 and has at least some gear, though.

Speaking of Star, she is now most of the way through 76. Almost time for Cold Weather Flying!

On Gilneas, my pally Arien is finally getting to do what I leveled her for in the first place: heal stuff! Last weekend, I got to bring her to a guild Mallygos attempt. We wiped on phase 3 every time, but it was still pretty fun and I got a little experience raid-healing on a pally. Then this weekend (friday and yesterday) the guild tried some ToC 10-man, which I brought Kel to, since she's my best geared toon. Wiped a lot, learned a lot, not a really bad run. Then finally we did a Naxx alt-run. Arien got to heal again, the only problem was there were 2 priests as well, that were better geared, so I pretty much just twiddled my thumbs through all but boss fights. She did get a couple ret upgrades, including her t7 shoulders, and my sister's DK Barraccus got a few tanking upgrades as well. No real upgrades for her healing set, but o well. :P

I have been thinking a little bit about transfering Arien (and my Nelf warrior Kalenedral, cause they are BFFs) to Feathermoon. Only problems are: not a lot of money to spare for the transfers, and my toon list on Feathermoon is almost full already. Also, since I made Arien to be basically a healer for the guild, I feel a little like it would be betraying my friends on Gilneas. Although, on the other hand, I have respec'ed Jahira to kitty/resto, and she is better geared than Arien, even if it is balance gear.

And on Durotan Hordeside, I just discovered today that my guild is disbanding. Not sure of specifics, but it seems like there is just a lot of different opinions between guildies, as far as raiding and such. It is all very friendly but sad, no one has any hard feelings, the leaders have simply decided that keeping it all together is not working very well anymore. One of the officers is making his own raiding guild, which he has invited anyone that wants to to join, but I'm afriad I won't be. Nothing against anyone, I just haven't been playing on that server much at all for a few months now, and it's not likely to change. I wish everyone the best, and will miss our random guildchat, but I don't see much point in trying to find another guild that is willing to have a member that is online only once a week, if that. And so:
/target Off The Team

And on that note, time to go get Star another level or 2. /waves

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