Nov 11, 2009

Too Much Awesome!

Just had the best RP night ever. I should be going to bed now, but I'm not quite ready for sleep yet. Besides, I'll forget half of it by morning if I wait. It all started in Moonglade. You can read the prelude here on my sister's blog. Since she had to wait for me to get off work, we just started from where the story ended. Aelflaed and Feliche came in response to Arvoss' request for some company/assistance, and we all finally got Shaurria settled enough to finally tell her story.

After a lot of talking and Shaur-comforting, she was ok enough to go back to Stormwind and the Pig.

We then had a mostly normal night of hanging out in our kitty forms, begging earrubs, until someone came and (I'm guessing) gave Tarquin, the Wildfire Riders' leader, a warning. He left the Pig in a hurry. Soon after, several of the Stormwind Guard came with a warrant for Tarq's arrest. What followed was one of the awesomest RP I have ever gotten to participate in. The guards appropriated some stuff, the Captain demanded Tarq's location, threatened everyone in the room with arrest, almost did arrest 3 different Riders, and finally had her guards arrest the npcs Christoph and Aedis. For making a disturbance (rofl). ICly, it was a very tense, and rather scary, situation. In the OOC channel, we were all having a blast. Finally everything settled, and then Aely went up the spokesman of the Riders, and totally chewed him out, for using the recent passing of one of their members as a way to put a halt to the situation. Windstar, who had stood near Aely and Arvoss the whole time the guard was there, and Shaur, who had stealthed and hid when Arvoss told her to, then spent the rest of the evening with Aely, trying to comfort and help calm her after the rough night. Finally, after most everyone else had left the Pig, we just sat on the front steps and talked, with our friend on his pally Fastrada (a.k.a. Frazle), til afks sort of broke up the conversation. I was too tired to concentrate by then anyways, and me and Fastrada logged soon after.

Stuff like this is why I love Feathermoon, and I consider myself lucky as heck to have met the Riders. I have never gotten such a welcoming feeling on any other server, not even Gilneas, where my first, best friends are. Honestly, now, regular PVE servers have just gotten boring. RP > raiding any day, IMO.
(Edit, just to clarify: I do enjoy raiding, and it can be very fun, it's just when raid leaders start to stress more on how many times we wipe when learning a fight, and who is not doing something right, and just whining in general, it takes the fun totally out of the raid, and makes it seem more like work. And srsly, hanging with friends beats work anyday, amirite?)

Gonna end there, cause I have a headache now and really need sleep. I've been thinking up more hunter and/or druid stuff to write about, so will probably have something on that subject soon-ish (if I can stop playing the game long enough to post something >.<).
Goodnight! /waves

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