Nov 3, 2009

Kelesaria and Co.

After my last post, I think I need a bit of cheering up. So what could possibly make me happier than telling about my very first (and still favorite) hunter, Kelesaria, and her menagerie. :D

First a short version her backstory, which isn't really much, but hey, I've only recently gotten into the whole RP thing.

Kel is the oldest of a unusually large Night Elven family. She was born around the time of the first World Tree, which puts her at close to 8,000 years old, I think. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She loves her family a lot, but she has always been a bit of a loner, prefering the company of her animal companions over that of other people. She visits the family house in Ashenvale every once in a while, and her family knows they only have to ask her, if they need her help with anything. Other than the house, she has no real home, just camping wherever she happens to be, usually. Outside of her family, she has a few friends, but no one she's really close to (though she does have a little thing going on with a friend's druid >.>). Her pets are her closest friends, her bonds with them are closer than even most other hunters. She has had several over her long life, including a cat named Rhaj that was reincarnated (sort of) as a nightstalker, a STV panther, and eventually a white frostsaber.
Then she tamed her closest friend ever, the frostsaber pride watcher, Sabre. He is her baby, her heartmate, the pet that she has with her whenever she is having a hard/unhappy time. (And IMO, the most gorgeous cat skin in the entire game.)

Kel's second current permanant pet is her owl, Verdan. She found him in the Emerald Dragonshrine. Since coming to Northrend, she had been developing a close bond with the dragons, and finding an animal willing to join her at Ysera's shrine was pretty nice for her.

Plus he is just so danged pretty. :)

Next would be the only 'retired' pet I have ever managed to tame, the ghost hydra. Kel was still 79 when I found out Blizzard was going to make them untamable, so first I had to finish her level, then I had to hope like mad that I could get the Oracle daily to summon him, all before the next patch. For once, it worked out for me, and now whenever Kel needs to run a lowbie through an instance, Spirit is the one by her side.

He's not named in this pic cause I just couldn't think of a good one for him for several days after taming. :P Also, lots of people don't like the hissing noise these guys make, but I find it oddly soothing. Though I admit I can get tired of it evetually.

Next one is the other love of Kel's life, her wonderful, lovely spirit beast.

I really could make an entire 'rant' post about the search for this guy. Seriously, it took me 6 MONTHS to find Loque, alive and untamed. I had seen him several times, right after someone else had tamed him, and I think I saw him dead once. The whole time I would go look at Mania's site and read stories about people that got him an hour or less after starting their search. Or the stories about people finding him and having someone else come kill him under their noses. It was very, very depressing. Finally, at about 5:30 one morning, I found him by Skyreach Pillar. A Belf hunter was there already, though, and in the rush to start taming, I wound up tagging Loque, then tried to tame, only to have the Belf kill him. (I got a lovely little QQ note in the mail the next morning from his ally alt.) So I got a nice little achievement that I didn't want, and still no pet. I think it was maybe a week later, same time, same place, I found him again, completely alone this time. Nice, quiet, uneventful tame. I then went off to play with my new baby until my sister got up for work around 6 a.m., showed him off, then dropped into bed and passed out. Now, was the whole thing worth it?

And yes, I named him Loq. Not very imaginative, I know, but after the long, long search, when he was finally tamed, I just couldn't think of calling him anything else.

And now her newest 'baby', her devilsaur Tyran. No real story or anything behind him, in fact I got him more for my guild, since, at the time, devilsaurs were suposed to be the highest DPS pets in the game. And I think I would agree, since my own performance improved a bit when he finally hit 80 and I took him on a raid. He is really fun too, and my PetEmote addon gives him an interesting personality. :) Plus, he has blue eyes. /melt

Not to mention, he looks frickin' scary when he roars. :P
(This is the only pic I have of him, need to fix that. :P And he's not enraged, the Gundrak sunset only makes him look like it.)

And now you have met the zoo. :D
Unfortunately, I haven't been playing Kel much lately, because of Feathermoon-leveling and some minor guild problems. But that's a rant for another post. :P

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