Nov 14, 2009


Feels pretty dang good.
Major case of insomnia last night, so after saying goodnight to Feathermoon (after more awesome RP stuffs), I hopped over to Gilneas. Kel was soooo close to exalted with Nethering, my OCD kicked in and I hopped on her to finish it.

Boo. Yea.
Kel named him Dusk. He is now on a macro to go with her Cenarion Hippogryph and bronze drake. Her albino drake, Thori'dal, is still her main flyer. Now to go finish her Wintersaber rep. :P

Oh, forgot something. Before hopping to Gilneas, I checked my toons on Feathermoon, and sure enough, Bearkat has made his little trip successfully. I checked on him, just to make sure, and everything looked good. Then I remembered I had asked my sister to make a mining bag to take with him, for my little troll shammy, which I then totally forgot about. Doh. O well. He will soon be back to his CC rep grind for his Guardian of Cenarius title. Still need to do that with Windstar too. And get both's CE rep as well. /Sigh.

And then today, I've stayed on Gilneas so far (might even go on tonight's raid, if they want me). My DK Riatha hadn't spec'ed her alchemy yet, and I wanted to do transmutes with her. Mostly because I did on my shammy Taarren, and a few days ago, I was doing her daily titanium transmute and got 3 of them. O.o I was short a couple primals, so Arien my pally got to go zap clouds in Zangarmarsh for a while. Then, since I was on her, I finally remembered to go to Shadowmoon and learn her epic flying machine schematic. I had most of the mats, tho I had to buy a couple khoruim bars (impatient pally is impatient). So now I have a specialized alchemist and my pally has a new toy. :D

P.S. self-sufficiency rules.
And that's all the interesting stuff for now. Off to go work on some things Arien hasn't done yet, namely Sons of Hodir quest chain. Procrastination is bad. And, I have missed my little pally so bad.

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