Dec 11, 2009

Tad - Keenath

Tad trotted his saber Fog towards the Dwarven District, heading straight to the stable master. Once he arrived and dismounted, total havoc broke loose. He was suddenly fending off 600 pounds of happy bear, while Aubri fanned the air around his head, making a brisk breeze. Skan looked at his 'brothers' in amazement, then padded into the shaded area, towards the water trough. Once Treyvan finally settled, Tad was able to look around for his oldest friend. As if summoned, the big wolf slowly climbed to his feet and walked over to his master. "Keenath, how're you holding up, m'boy?" Tad crooned to him affectionately, as he recieved a thorough face-wash. Keenath whined quietly, almost as if answering his master. Tad noticed him still favoring his right hind leg, and frowned. "Ok, I'm getting Star to look at you as soon as possible," he muttered, giving his wolf a gentle, thorough scratching.

- - - -

Windstar straightened, stretching, and looked at her brother, the eagerness on his face making her heart ache. She would never lie to him, however, no matter how much he would not like to hear what she said. "I'm so sorry, Tad, but I can't find anything wrong with him. He's just getting old." Her twin frowned, forehead crinkling in worry as he looked down at his very first companion. Keenath whined and wagged his tail, as if he knew what was going on, and was trying to apologize for the trouble he was causing. Tad knelt next to the wolf, catching his head in a rough carress. Star bit her lip as she watched them, wishing her nature affinity could help, but knowing that this was something that nothing could heal. Finally she just knelt next to her brother, laying a comforting hand on his shoulder. He laid one hand on top of it, and smiled up at her, though there was still worry in his eyes. "Thanks for at least trying, Star. It'll be okay. I'll be okay." He squeezed her hand, and she smiled back, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before rising and heading towards the harbor, shifting to cat form as she went.

Worry still lurked in the back of her mind, however, and Star doubted that Northrend was going to offer any sort of comfort to her. Her thoughts went back to the group of misfits she called friends, a certain few in particular, and she hoped she might run into a couple of them up North, however unlikely it might be. She could really use an ear rub and a few friendly words right about now.

- - - -
So, poor Star is worried about her brother now. Plus my very bad timing with getting into groups for instances has kept me out of RP a lot lately, so she's not socializing as much as she's accustomed to. Lonely Star is lonely.

One other minor thing, that she's just now realizing. There's a bit of romance going around with the Riders and Co., you can read about it here. Now on one hand, Star considers Aely and Arrens to be among her best friends, and she thinks they are really cute together. On the other hand, seeing people she cares about pairing up makes her realize how alone she is most of the time. And her other favorite person, Feliche, has been MIA while he levels an alt. And on top of all that, there's been a strange druid (sis's recently transfered Pitchblack) hanging around, picking arguments with her friends and taking up the attention of her 'little sister', Shaurria. So, for a while at least, Star is going to be a bit out of sorts, and a major cuddle-kitty with anyone willing to give her attention.

That's pretty much it for now. Off to run heroics till I drop. :D

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