Dec 18, 2009

More Updates and Thoughts

Because we need a happier post now.

First, I'm starting to think I'm getting a cold. Not sure yet though. Been having a stuffy/runny nose off and on for a while now, and today my throat is starting to hurt. It could all be weather related, though.. (I really don't like winter)

Second, I still love the new LFG tool. Windstar has 2 peices of t9, all from badges. Working on a new ring next. She is So Very Over-Hit-Capped though, argh. WTT hit rating for some expertise and ArPen. And need a new trinket. :P And then need to work on her healing gear. :\

Also, Star has done the entire new ICC trio, and it was AWESOME. Halls of Reflection especially. Running from Arthas was epic. At one point (third ice wall, I think?), we were killing the adds, and I noticed him almost right on top of us. I actually got scared for a second. Yes, I am a nerd. She got the Orca Hunter's Harpoon too, 'cause the hunter in the group had better already. It was over 100 more AP, in cat form, un- gemmed/enchanted. O.O (She had the staff from the Argent Tourney vendors.)

I need to run the entire thing with Arien. ICly if possible.. >.> With sis on Alanon, of course. I did get as far as the start of HoR with a guild group, but my friend on his shammy healer was starting to fall asleep by then, so we called it there. :P

Windstar is also getting her reputations done, which will be a first. :P My other level 80s, who I've played more than her, still haven't gotten all the WotLK reps done (although Kel is close). I'm such a slacker...

She's also almost at 300 fishing. Did I mention I'm a slacker?

I am missing my pally again, so sometime in the next day or so I might spend some time on Gilneas and just run heroics on her. And abuse her mote extractor, since it will be harder for my other toons to get eternals without Arien. Although my DK is a transmute-spec alchemist...

And I think there was more, but I'm falling asleep over my keyboard now. Must try to catch up on sleep, especially after I let myself get suckered into going in to work a few hours on Saturday, which was a day off. :(

I will end with one more thing Star has accomplished. Screenies are worth way more than words, so here ya go:

Goodnight! /waves

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